Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common questions located here.

One Stop Resource offers a variety of industrial electronic maintenance services. From the calibration of test equipment, to the repair of PLCs , drives, monitors, and motors, to the sale of PLC and drive equipment. By providing these services, One Stop Resource, is able to streamline your maintenance and purchasing departments by giving you one resource that will take care of all your industrial electronic needs.

The main advantage of buying remanufactured equipment over new is in price. Typically, we are able to sell PLC and drives at half of the cost of new. Over time these savings will add to your bottom line. Another advantage of buying remanufactured equipment over new is in delivery time. We are able to get you your equipment as fast as you need. There are typically no lead times or back orders, like there may be when dealing with the manufacturer.

At One Stop Resource, we believe that communications is just as vital, if not more vital, than the actual repair itself. You can be assured that you will be constantly updated on any work that you have in for repair. We will let you know of any problems encountered as they are found out, if any are encountered. If you need an update, at any time, feel free to call us. We will be able to answer any questions you have about your repairs in an expedient manner.

The typical turnaround for most repairs is 10-14 business days. This is sufficient for most customers, that have back up equipment. For those in a bind, we offer a rush service. Our rush service puts your job in front of all other jobs that are in for repair. Most rushes are repaired in 24-48 hours.

One Stop Resource can get you your replacement equipment to you in 2-5 days, via UPS. If you need your equipment faster than that, we can get it to you the very next day, in most cases.

If you know that your equipment is not working properly but unsure of what is wrong with it, that is not a problem. We do repairs every day not knowing exactly what is wrong with the unit when it first comes in. If you are unsure if an item is malfunctioning or not we can test the unit for you. There is a minimal charge for the testing of equipment. If you do find out that an item is not working and wish to get the item repaired your test fee will be waived. Testing only will tell you if the item works or not and no warranty is given on test only equipment.

If you send in a unit for repair and you need rush service there is a rush fee. That rush fee is $100 or 25% the cost of the repair, which ever is greater. These rush fees are for putting your equipment in front of everyone else’s equipment that is in for repair and to absorb the cost of any UPS Red charges incurred in getting parts over nighted

There is no rush fee for remanufactured equipment purchased. We will overnight these to you for no extra cost other than the shipping and handling charges that would normally be incurred for overnight shipments.

We have done enough repairs and have enough experience that we know how long it takes to repair a unit and how much parts typically cost. By offering flat rate pricing our customers are able to know what to expect for the cost to repair an item. This speeds up the process of being able to just send an item in pre-approved and allows you to receive your item 2-3 days faster.

If you have an item in need of repair and we have not established flat rate pricing, send us the unit. We will evaluate the item absolutely free of charge. Our engineers will take the time to estimate the amount of time needed to repair the item and how much parts should cost. You will then be faxed a Job Repair Approval Form telling you how much your repair will be. No repairs will be started until we get a faxed approval with a purchase order number from you.

We offer a 1 year Date Of Installation (DOI) warranty or a 2 year date of shipment warranty, on all electronic board repairs. All servo motor repairs come with a 1 year warranty. One Stop Resource must be notified upon installation to take advantage of the 1 year DOI warranty. Failure to notify us of the installation will result in the warranty starting from the date of shipment. In the event that a unit sits on the shelf for 3 years from the date of shipment from OSR to the customer, before being installed, the 1 year DOI warranty will automatically begin. No warranty will extend longer than 48 months.